In the year since my last post, we and Panda have experienced lots and lots of excitement and changes.  I’ve neglected to update our little puggy’s blog, so here’s an update!  Eric & I have been quite busy with home ownership and improvement, my now thriving business, and life as usual.

So here are some of the images we’ve captured of our adorable little puglet over the past twelve and a half months!  Enjoy!

Here is a photo of Panda hanging out with me while as I shoveled our driveway in March of 2009.  🙂

madison wisconsin photographer

Here’s Eric holding the little puglet up to our freshly painted living room walls.  We chose a neutral color scheme to match our little pug.  Well, not really…but it’s nice that she matches anyway!

madison wi photographer

In the early summer 2009, I did a food photo shoot for a neighbor.  We photographed some of the amazingly yummy flan that she bakes regularly.  Panda thought it looked pretty yummy, too!  It’s too bad that flan isn’t for puggies.

madison wisconsin photographer

The following are a few action shots of Panda and her sister Fifi playing in one of the first snowfalls of 2009.  They really enjoyed the snowy backyard together!

madison wisconsin photographers

Here are Panda, Fifi, and Maddie peeking outside while we hosted 2009 Thanksgiving dinner at our home.

madison wisconsin photographer

Panda’s “Auntie” Mariah loves her (and Fifi!) very much!

2009 Christmas time!  We got Panda & Fifi adorable little matching t-shirts:

They really didn’t want to pose for a family photo together…

madison wisconsin photographers

Here’s Panda and her cousin Spunky…waiting for crumbs to fall from the counter!

As we sat down to exchange gifts, Panda made herself comfy next to her daddy.

Sadly, this past March we had to bring the adorable french bulldog, Fifi, to my parents’ house in Wauksha to live there with her “cousins” Spunky & Maddie.  Eric’s allergies were too sensitive to Fifi for us to keep her in our family.  Panda and Fifi are able to visit together regularly, and Fifi is enjoying a spoiled & luxurious lifestyle in Waukesha!  Here she is visiting for Easter!

madison wisconsin photographers

Panda just adores the sunshine.  Here she is supervising some yardwork on one of the first beautiful spring days of 2010!

madison wisconsin photographer

When I get new camera equipment, Panda is always my little test subject.  She had to endure this impromptu shoot when I received my new Canon 7D and 50mm 1.2 lens!

madison wi photographers

So, everyone, there you go…  A very brief update on the last year in Panda the Pug’s comfortable life in Fitchburg, Wisconsin.  I will do my best to update a little more often as 2010 progresses!


Last month, we brough home our new little family member, FiFi the French Bulldog!  It took a little adjustment, but Fifi is now very housebroken and has taken the position of Panda’s new best friend.  These little buddies love hanging out together in their fluffy bed in our computer room, bounding around their new backyard together, and trying to beat one another to whtever scrap of food is in available.  🙂  Not much time to post, but here are a few pics!


Coming Soon!

Lots of new developments have occurred in our little Panda’s life, in the form of a NEW HOME!

That is right, we have taken advantage of the great market and purchased our first house.  Our new house, located in Fitchburg, WI, has a great big yard with lots of gardens for Panda to explore, as well as neighbor doggies and a cozy fireplace to curl up in front of.  She is still afraid of the big staircase and won’t go up or down it by herself, but I think she will eventually get used to it just like she got used to the shorter flights of stairs in our current apartment.

Panda spent this past weekend a little confused about why we spent so much time on ladders smearing weird colored stuff on the walls of this empty, box-like place that was far from her food dishes and the familiar smells of home.  She’ll get it soon enough!  I’m sure it was a very boring weekend for her without TV-dogs or apartment parking lot traffic to bark at.

Another development in Panda’s life that is coming soon is a new sister or brother!  Of the canine persuasion, of course.  No, we are not about to have babies- the pitter patter of little paws is enough for us for now.  And it is quite the pitter patter on the new laminate floors!  We have decided that without the restrictions of the apartment lease, it is time to expand our family to a new little pup.  We are currently considering an adorable little French bulldog about an hour outside of town.  We’ll be sure to update when a decision is made and a furry little bundle is brought home.  🙂

We’ll post pictures soon!  For now, we haven’t spent much time at all in front of our computers.

Thanks for checking in on the little puglet!

I turned around to see what all the noise was tonight and here was my hubby feeding my puggy the remainders of his apple.  Now I know dogs aren’t supposed to eat grapes…but are apples OK?  I’ll have to look it up, because she was enjoying it so much I just couldn’t stop her from enjoying her treat!


Well, Wisconsin is covered in snow as is appropriate for December.  Last night Panda did the cutest thing!  Her front paws got a little cold as she was standing in front of the snow-blanketed lawn trying to decide whether to bound into the great white abyss, so she picked up her front paws and balanced back on her hind legs like a little kangaroo!  It was so cute, but of course it was a sign of too much cold, so we brought our little kangaroo into the house and warmed her up.  Too bad it would be cruel to try and get her to reenact it!  But enjoy the cute, panda-friendly pictures below instead.


Well, we finally got around to giving ourselves a grown-up bedroom, and we picked out this bedspread set that I just love.  I was so excited to get everything in order that I plopped the little pug down in the middle of the bed and she bashfully let me capture a few cute shots of her in her favorite place- where she sleeps right between her two favorite humans.

She’s still just adorable!


Every once in a while, Eric has found that our little pug just loves to lick a dollop of peanut butter out of her old bone.  We find this much less disgusting than what naturally comes inside the bone…so it works for us.  🙂  Today I took some photos while she enjoyed away.  She’s been camera shy lately, so it’s been harder and harder to get fun photos of her.  Since she was occupied with yumminess, though, she let me snap away.